Chlorophyll fluorescence measurements indicate that the inducible RNAi-knockout of the Arabidopsis chloroplastic NifS protein decreases photosynthetic efficiency compared to wildtype (Wt) plants.
The Program in Molecular Plant Biology (PMPB) is designated as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) by Colorado State University. The PMPB is an interdepartmental program formed with the goal to train and produce the next generation of world-class plant biologists. These are exciting times to study plant biology. With the complete genome sequencing of several photosynthetic organisms and many more on the way to completion, a new era of plant biology has started with tremendous opportunities to study many unique aspects of plant biology and for innovative use of this knowledge for applied purposes. To avail these opportunities we need a new breed of plant biologists capable of working in a highly interdisciplinary environment. The PMPB is designed for highly motivated students seeking a Ph.D in Molecular Plant Biology.
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